As students we come to the Radboud University to learn about the way in which the world works. With our new knowledge we hope to create a future for ourselves and society as a whole. However, dark clouds have gathered over our futures. The combined climate & ecological crisis forms an existential threat to life on Earth. Without a planet to live on, there is no future.

The Radboud University has called on students to contribute to creating a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all through its slogan “You Have a Part to Play”. Many of us have heard this call and are willing to do whatever it takes to create a brighter future.

Meanwhile, the Executive Board of the university continues to make unsustainable choices that threaten that very same future. We have to hold them accountable and tell them that “They Have a Part to Play” too. We believe the best position for us to do this is in the participational body for students, the University Student Council (USC).

Our programme is based on four core values: Sustainability, Inclusivity, Animal Ethics, and Social Safety. If we are elected to the USR, all the advice we give the Executive Board will be based on these values. For each value we have described what we want our ideal campus to be like. In our campaign programme, we have identified a number of key measures that should be implemented to create that ideal campus.


We want a sustainable, green campus with net-zero carbon emissions and a positive ecological impact. We want a university board that acts in line with the scientific findings from the IPCC, the IPBES and other climate and biodiversity research that has been conducted in Nijmegen and across the planet.


We want an inclusive campus that is open and welcoming to all kinds of students. We want a decolonized curriculum that teaches students knowledge from a wide range of academic perspectives without biases and omissions based on historical sources of discrimination like racism and sexism.

Animal Ethics

We want a campus that recognises and respects the rights of non-human animals.

Social Safety

We want a campus where every student can feel safe from violence, aggression, abuse, bullying, peer pressure and other forms of physical, emotional and verbal mistreatment.