Bringing Far-Right Ideas to Campus Endangers Our University Values

A new student party named the GNSV (Greater Netherlands Student Association) has been making negative headlines repeatedly over the past month. This extreme right-wing association is relatively unknown in Nijmegen. To introduce themselves to the student community, the GNSV had a booth at the Radboud introduction market, which sparked a great deal of outrage, concern, and even violence. We share this outrage and concern. Hate-filled ideas propagated by the GNSV have no place at the university, just as any form of violence doesn’t.

The university seems to be setting aside its own principles and values by allowing the GNSV to participate in an orientation activity. Radboud University claims to prioritize inclusivity, diversity, and the commitment to combat discrimination and intimidation[1]. This is reflected in an intent statement that mentors are expected to follow during the orientation week[2]. It includes principles such as promoting inclusivity, ensuring that no one’s dignity is compromised, and rejecting unwanted behaviors like discrimination and racism. This contradicts what the GNSV stands for. The Anne Frank Foundation has noted that the GNSV discriminates based on ethnicity, and the association is also known for its criticism of the rights of women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals[3]. While the university emphasizes that its representatives should be open to diversity and inclusivity, it provides a platform for an association that does the opposite and victimizes other students in the process.

We strongly condemn the stance taken by the Board of Directors (CvB) in this situation; they should have been aware of the nature of this organization. The statement issued by the CvB following the incident at the orientation fair condemns the violence but adds that hate-filled ideas are unacceptable. These are empty words, as the GNSV openly promotes such ideas, and the CvB has not reflected decisively on the admission of the GNSV. But being victims of violence does not make their intolerance tolerable.

The GNSV is an extreme right-wing organization with ties to and shared ideology with fascist associations such as the Geuzenbond and NSV, as noted by Willem Wagenaar, a researcher in the field of far-right extremism in Trouw. The GNSV acknowledges this in its own motto, “Be radical, be principled; be absolute; be what the citizen calls extremist.”[4] Together, they organized the Greater Dutch Youth Congress. These two associations are present at the IJzerwake in Ypres[5][6], where many far-right parties commemorate the second World War.

The ideas of associations like the GNSV and similar groups are in direct opposition to the rights of women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals. That is why we believe that such associations should be actively excluded from Radboud University events. We urge the CvB to take action on this matter.


De Knokpartij

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