Green+ Statement on the Student Protest

Green+ stands in solidarity with students and university staff protesters!

The university board has not yet cut ties with Israeli universities and companies, when these institutions take part in the war crimes Israel commits in Gaza.

As student representatives, our hearts go out to the 90,000 Palestinian students, not only have they lost their homes, all universities were destroyed by the Israeli army. Students at Israeli universities, especially Palestinian students, also face disciplinary actions, including expulsion, for expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Green+ believes that:

  1. The Radboud university should cut ties with Israeli universities and companies.
  2. The Radboud university should actively support students fleeing from oppressive regimes. This also holds for Israeli students who do not want to be complicit in the ongoing warcrimes. Students from all backgrounds should be welcomed and feel safe at our university.
  3. The Radboud university should facilitate non-violent protests and never use violence against students. 
  4. We should do whatever we can to pressure a regime committing genocide and to support their victims.