Job van Hussen

”A university that strives to better the world, should itself strive to be the best version of that world: a haven of green where everyone feels at home. It should set an example by speaking out against injustices, being a net positive influence in the fight against climate change and by creating a safe space for everyone. We students too are here not just for our studies, we’re here to have a positive influence on the world around us. The Radboud should facilitate all students in their aspirations: A healthy environment makes for healthy and motivated students. Let’s work together towards a greener campus, happy students and a welcoming environment.”

Job is our #11 candidate. He is doing a bachelor in Physics and Astronomy at the Faculty of Science as well as a bachelor in Public Administration at the Nijmegen School of Management.

Currently, he works at GroenLinks and he is the president of DWARS Gelderland, the youth organisation of GroenLinks.
Previously, he was vice-president of SV Marie Curie, the study association for Physics and Astronomy.